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Jan 30, 2014
A French medical cardiologist by the name of Olivier Ameisen claimed he’d discovered the cure for alcoholism.

Jan 21, 2014
Hypnosis is not at all like sleep and has nothing to do with sleep.

Jan 20, 2014
Almost all of my clients feel a little nervous about going into hypnosis for the first time.

Jul 05, 2013
In 2009 Queen Fabiola of Belgium underwent thyroid surgery and opted for hypno-sedation instead of anaesthetic. Queen Fabiola made use of hypnosis because for her it was the safer option. Hypnosis is safe enough for royalty during surgery.

May 24, 2013
With one in three people contracting cancer in the Western World, knowing how to deal with it is becoming increasingly important.

May 24, 2013
Mr Lamb, the Minister of State for Care and Support, stated that Britain's system of health and social care is becoming “dysfunctional” and could “buckle under the pressure” unless radical changes are made to the way it operates.

Apr 08, 2013
There are three things you really need to know about sport...

Mar 05, 2013
There is no effect without cause and when it comes to chronic illness, understanding the cause is the key to finding a cure.

Mar 01, 2013
The subconscious mind has been described as the single greatest goal achievement agency known to humankind. Hypnosis is the gateway to the subconscious mind used by the world’s smartest, wealthiest, most successful people including royalty.

Feb 28, 2013
Today hypnotherapists are treating cancer and other chronic illnesses with unprecedented degrees of success. Hypnosis is on track to become the mainstream treatment for chronic illness and many other illnesses that have an origin in the mind.

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