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Mar 12, 2022
TVS has long licensed video clips from it's 15,000 title TVS Classic TV library. Now it's expanding into licensing of its audio catalog.

Mar 11, 2022
Capehart Music Treasury will contribute Latin based versions of the top pop hits of the 20th Century to complement the American versions currently being distributed to Mexico and other Latin countries via Amazon and other Digital Distributors

Mar 10, 2022
Restaurants, Bars, Buildings and other public facilities can now get low cost background audio at one low monthly price for both the music and the music publishing rights.

Mar 09, 2022
The easy listening, instrumental music from the Capehart Music Treasury provides the sound track to the 26 episode TVS Television Network program that features Baby Boomers dancing to the hits from their prom night.

Mar 08, 2022
More than 100 recording artists reprise their Top 40 Hits of the Rock N Roll era on digital audio, streaming video, and syndicated TV

Mar 07, 2022
The easy listening instrumental orchestra that plays the top pop hits of the 20th century, from TVS Music Guild, has expanded it's digital distribution footprint for it's 2,000 song catalog.

Mar 06, 2022
The easy listening, instrumental productions of the top pop songs of the 20th Century are also on You Tube as the TVS Music Guild company produces original productions of their 2,000 song catalog.

Mar 05, 2022
The on demand audio service features all of the easy listening instrumental versions of the top pop songs of the 20th Century, as produced by the Capehart Music Treasury.

Mar 04, 2022
Owner of 56 legacy record labels, TVS was a pioneer in the Digital Distribution business. TVS was one of the first labels to sign with EMusic, which later became Orchard, and then SONY. This marks the return of the TVS music catalog to Independent

Mar 03, 2022
TVS Music Guild presents the Capehart Music Treasury of 20th Century Pop Music Classics on streaming, CD, and LP versions. The easy listening instrumental catalog is all original productions of the Capehart Music Treasury Orchestra.

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