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Giants Causeway Tartan | Tartan Purse | Tartan Accessories | Northern Ireland
May 12, 2014
Have a look at Ulster-Scots.biz latest product launch! The new range of Giants Causeway Tartan is a big hit!

Harry Ferguson | Memorabilia | Ferguson Tractor | TE20 | Grey Fergie | Ulster-Scots
Apr 26, 2014
Have you seen the latest Harry Ferguson Memorabilia? Have a look at the Ulster-Scot.com Online Store and see for yourself!?

Miniature Lambeg Drum | King William III | Crossing the Boyne | Ulster-Scots
Apr 22, 2014
Why not invest in a Miniature Souvenir Lambeg Drum. A MUST for any Ulster Scot. Remember your history.

Ulster Rugby Rag Boy | Ulster Covenant 100th Anniverary Wall Clock | Scotland Tartan Kilt Shorts
Apr 09, 2014
Ulster-Scot.com have some new Gift Ideas you should have a look at! These gifts are available for worldwide dispatch, at affordable prices!

Printed N.I. Landmark Souvenir Chocolates | Robert Burns Cotton Tea Towel | Miniature Lambeg Drum
Apr 01, 2014
Have you tasted the Northern Ireland Landmark Chocolates? Why not give them a try? Check out the Robert Burns Cotton Tea Towel to bring your kitchen to life! Have you seen the Mini Lambeg Drums? A Beautiful present to have personalized!

Northern Ireland | Tartan Kilt Shorts | Fun Shorts
Mar 16, 2014
Country Kilt Shorts are a "New" UK Design and are unique for beach, sport, leisure, swimming or just for fun.

Ulster-Scots Latest Offer for International Customers!
Feb 25, 2014
Have a look at the latest offer Ulster-Scot offer their customers.

Ulster-Scots Latest Offer for UK Customers!
Feb 25, 2014
Have a look at the latest offer Ulster-Scot offer their customers.

Northern Ireland, Belfast & RMS Titanic Calendars for 2014
Oct 07, 2013
Wide selection of stunning Northern Ireland, Belfast and RMS Titanic 2014 Calendars.

Belfast Calendar 2013 | Northern Ireland | Souvenir Gift
Oct 11, 2012
Ulster-Scots Have Added A Wide Range Of Northern Ireland 2013 Calendars.

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