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No Human Connection = No Prospect – Effective Prospecting Sales Workshop
Aug 25, 2010
After 30 years of training sales people, we now know that developing connections is actually teachable, explains Mike Bosworth, author of the books, Solution Selling & CustomerCentric Selling. No longer is effective prospecting just a numbers game.

“First gain Trust, Then gain Business” – New Effective Prospecting Workshops
Aug 20, 2010
After 30+ years in sales and marketing, Dan found ‘first trust then business’ is an unwritten law of selling. Until recently, Dan Lemke was not training clients to create a human connection and developing trust, “on purpose”.

“No Human Connection = No Prospect” - Recorded Webinar by Mike Bosworth
Aug 12, 2010
Learn how to “Connect, Inspire and Influence Buyers – On Purpose”. After 30 years of training sales people Mike Bosworth, best selling business author and trainer discusses, “we now know that developing connections is actually teachable”.

The Power of Story in Effective Prospecting - Chris's Story
Aug 04, 2010
No longer is connecting and relationship building just an art. A way has been discovered to enable sales (in fact any professionals) to emotionally connect with others – on purpose.

Effective Prospecting, Chris's Story is about the Human Connection
Jul 28, 2010
What is it the best sales people do naturally, yet is rarely taught to the rest of the team? The lost art of telling stories woven with how your products/services are "used" by your customers may be the primary difference.

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