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Jun 30, 2012
Supreme Court ruling re "National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius" means corporations can use federal law to force people to buy their products.

Jun 21, 2012
How can Bikers be "against totalitarian enactments" yet align themselves with the fascist "1%er" stooge who sponsored the most totalitarian act in U.S. history?

Jun 18, 2012
Are the human rights issues raised over Baluchistan real or just another ruse and excuse for the U.S. to invade a former ally and install a puppet government?

Jun 15, 2012
Negotiated in secret but now exposed as a "corporate power tool of the 1%", TPP grants powers to corporations that supersede all laws and rights of citizens.

Jun 14, 2012
Undeserving Nobel Peace Prize recipient Obama awards Medal of Freedom to fellow war criminal Peres while soccer player Mahmoud Sarsak starves in Israeli jail.

Jun 04, 2012
If you are charged with a crime in Amerika, you are guilty unless you are rich. If you are struck by a drone from Amerika, you are guilty unless you survive.

May 31, 2012
America's two-party tyranny has authorized endless wars, warrantless surveillance, homeland drones and indefinite detention. Now they're legalizing the Big Lie.

May 28, 2012
As corporate puppet Bushbamney co-opts to kill Occupy Wall Street at home, the global elite's go-to girl sets sights on sealing Wikileaks founder's fate abroad.

May 18, 2012
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results - like voting on false choices in rigged elections with predetermined outcomes.

May 06, 2012
How Apple Inc. exploits slave labor and misplaced customer loyalty to maintain a market cap comparable to ExxonMobil and a bank balance on par with Uncle Sam.

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