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Oct 21, 2020
The United States was born on July 4,1776 at 5 p.m. in Philadelphia. This book explores the astrology of the US, its current planetary cycles, and the challenges and gifts that the United States brings to the world.

Oct 19, 2020
The Ph.D. IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin wrote this praise for Deep Reality: "This remarkable book is a fresh look at the connections between science and spirituality.

Oct 09, 2020
Do soulmates exist? how do I find mine? These pressing questions along with many matters of the heart and the principle of love forever after are discussed thoroughly in The Kabbalah of Intimacy, integrating a primordial wisdom in the quest of soul...

Sep 29, 2020
"An appealing hero leads a spirited cast in this diverting crime tale." --Kirkus Review

Sep 14, 2020
Lou Marinoff's The Middle Way: ABCs of Happiness in a World of Extremes is a clarion and profoundly relevant revisiting of the ideas first introduced in the original best-selling edition of this title (2007).

Sep 10, 2020
Coaching for Caregivers has been widely praised as a must-read resource for caregivers, as well as friends, family, and professionals who work with caregivers.

Aug 31, 2020
WATERSIDE is proud to announce the publication of Everything Is Connected: Understanding a Complicated World, written by David Newman--a provocative and sweeping view of the state of the planet today.

Aug 26, 2020
Introduction by Ervin László; praise by Matthieu Ricard, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, James Low, Vito Mancuso, Kevin Turner, Roland Urban, Laurent Huguelit.

Aug 06, 2020
"We have been told that pregnancy and childbirth are a "task" or a "cross" to be carried...but what if it's not?! [The author] let me read the manuscript while I was pregnant and delivered in my 40s!!! And I walked into labor and delivery (yes, I...

Jul 20, 2020
After considering the multitude of outcomes this school year might bring, educators Hayley Peter and Joseph Hamer came together to find a silver lining.

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