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Jul 25, 2012
Perhaps some users will get lost Autocom CDP Pro cables, or Autocom CDP Pro cables get broken, then where to have Autocom CDP Pro cables replacement? I’m an old buyer of obd2, after I ensure one particular or far more of my Autocom CDP

Jul 25, 2012
OBD-II signals are most often sought in response to a "Check Engine Light" appearing The best connect easily and use software to quickly and automatically call up the OBD-II information.

Jul 23, 2012
Emissions testing is important for the health of the environment, as well as the functioning of your vehicle.

Jul 23, 2012
An OBD-I scanner needs to be used for vehicles 1995 and older. Once the codes have been read by the scanner and the problem fixed, you can reset the codes by disconnecting the battery.

Jul 20, 2012
Your Trailblazer's electronics system includes an onboard diagnostic computer known as OBD2, which will output unique error codes for failing electrical and mechanical components on your Trailblazer

Jul 20, 2012
Luckily, even a basic point-and-shoot or a good cell phone camera can be used to make great quality scans with minimal effort.

Jul 19, 2012
Most of these scanner tools are designed to communicate with the on-board diagnostic II (OBD-II) system, which is the main computing component of a vehicle.

Jul 17, 2012
An OBD computer is a diagnostic tool designed to plug into the computer port in the car's fuse box. When plugged in, the OBD tool downloads codes from the computer that help diagnose the problem.

Jul 17, 2012
Resetting the system requires an OBD-II handheld device, which is commonly referred to as a code reader or a scanner.

Jul 16, 2012
The system also has self-diagnostic capabilities: Once a Dodge's PCM ceases to work, a trouble code is generated. Checking for PCM malfunctions is similar to checking the OBD-II system

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