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Alby Mangels to be 'made over' in Melbourne.
Oct 16, 2011
Alby Mangels engages a new generation. Watch his wild adventures again and again with the DVD collection of his travels. Bookland will exclusively distribute the whole collection which is available right now!

Resilience, courage and determination of the matriarch
Oct 16, 2011
Lynn Richards has released another book, following the popular 'Breaking the Web' and 'The Irristable Web'. The latest from this Victorian author is 'The Matriarch'.

Exclusive Alby Mangels DVDs available NOW
Oct 10, 2011
Due to the ongoing and resolute demand from his unwavering die-hard fans around the world Alby Mangels returns with the films that aired to some of the highest ratings ever achieved around the globe.

Are our sexual instincts correct?
Oct 10, 2011
Author Emma Thomas has released HUMAN SEXUAL INSTINCTS a novel based on facts about our relationships, instincts and urges.

Searching for meaning? Find it in a plate of eggs.
Oct 10, 2011
NSW author Stephen Denham has released the unique book A PLATE OF EGGS. This impressive collection should not be classed as spiritual or self help but more as a thinking book perfect for coffee table reading.

Heart-wrenching and inspiring journey through Anorexia
Sep 28, 2011
NSW author Natalie Sissanes‘ true life account of living with Anorexia is touchingly told with honesty and clarity. 'The Enemy that Starves the Innocent' will help fellow sufferers on their journey to recovery.

A rollicking sea tale entwined with Rockingham
Sep 27, 2011
Rockingham, W.A author Dennis Seddon has released his first novel 'Daughters of the Sea'.

Move over Underbelly Razor for George Overton
Sep 27, 2011
Roger Wood continues the success of 'George Overton (Retired)' and 'Detective George Overton' with the latest of Detective short stories – 'George Overton’s Casebook - Five Detective Stories'.

The Pegasus Principle - Secret of the Stones - A Mayan adventure
Sep 27, 2011
Gold Coast author Rowland Waring-Flood has released THE PEGASUS PRINCIPLE – Secret of the Stones.

Gold can be a killer ...
Aug 22, 2011
Queensland author, Peter Wise, has released another thriller, Palomino Gold. This time this suspense-filled novel is set in bushranger times on the eastern coast of Australia.

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