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Sep 05, 2023
A dental implant is commonly known as a surgical component put into the jawbone to replace that of a natural tooth. This implant offers a patient with a stable foundation for the function and appearance of a regular, normal, healthy-looking tooth.

Sep 05, 2023
There are many different reasons people need to have a tooth extracted. A few common reasons can include things like severe decay or damage, gum disease, overcrowding, and impacted teeth.

Aug 31, 2023
When it comes to taking your kids to the dental office, their anxiety can spike, making it hard for the dentist to get a good examine of their teeth.

Aug 29, 2023
When any type of surgical procedure is performed, regardless of the type, it is important to follow all of the most important post-care steps in order to ensure everything heals quickly and prevent any infections/complications from taking place.

Aug 21, 2023
Sensitive teeth can be incredibly painful, and can have quite the impact on your life that you may not have initially expected.

Nov 03, 2021
You might have healthy teeth but perhaps some are not as aesthetically pleasing as they once were. Naturally, over time, the wear and tear on your teeth can leave them with stains from the foods and drinks you consume throughout the years.

Aug 23, 2021
Bedtime Drink Most of the time, babies and children have something to drink before they go to bed. Sometimes, even adults need a comforting warm cup of milk before they go off to sleep.

Aug 20, 2021
Congratulations, You're Pregnant! Being pregnant comes with a number of different responsibilities —oral hygiene being a very important one.

Aug 19, 2021
Braces actually have more benefits than you can think of and our team at Canada Dental Network is here to give you the full scoop.

Jul 29, 2021
Ready to learn about the best ways to take care of your oral health? Our team at the Canada Dental Network is here today to share with you seven tips that you need to know.

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