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Feb 28, 2024
As a Result of the Florida Trucking Show in February many are testing the ECOFuelMax (aka ECO Fuel System) to be sure it works before installing it on their Fleet(s). Hundreds will be installed in the near future.

Feb 20, 2024
Diesel Vehicles sooner or later will experience Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Issues. When a DPF, DOC or EGR Filter gets clogged with Carbon it needs to be cleaned. A Diesel Motor will not function properly with clogged Filters. Cobra Clean will

Feb 06, 2024
Here we go again! Buying oil from overseas is expensive. Save on Fuel, whether the price is high or low. Increase Sustainability; Reduce Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse Gases.

Jan 31, 2024
For years self published results have made claims that have gone unproven in real life.

Jan 22, 2024
All Drivers want to increase MPG on their vehicles Diesel or Gasoline. The ECOFuelMax – ECO Fuel System is a proven guaranteed opportunity. Low in Cost, Easy to Install with No Warranty Issues, it only treats fuel.

Jan 16, 2024
Is the Public revolting? The Public and Dealerships aren't following The Green New Deal. Truckers, Municipalities and the Public have found the ECOFuelMax (aka ECO Fuel System/ Better Emissions). Reduce Carbon Pollution +/-70% and increase MPG +/-10%.

Jan 10, 2024
In addition to high Fuel prices new inspections are being reviewed and approved from California to New York. Many Diesel Trucks on the road may not pass the new CARB requirements. There is a proven No Risk Guaranteed solution available today.

Jan 09, 2024
By the end of the month. ALL Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles and Trucks operating in California will be required to get Tested for Pollution. You will need to get Registered and pay a FEE.

Jan 02, 2024
Happy New Year! As of the end of January 2024 Heavy Duty Vehicles in California will be required to reduce Smog forming oxides and toxic Diesel Particulate Matter.

Dec 29, 2023
Starting January 31, 2024 Clean Check Reporting is required to meet CARB Compliance in California. Will your Heavy Duty Vehicle Emissions pass the test? Fees for registration and periodic testing will be required.

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