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Dec 08, 2010
A matter, where alleged criminality was uncovered by New York Attorney General, was subjected to pretense litigation at the US District Court, Southern District of New York

Dec 07, 2010
Counsel's urgent attention was called to matter alleged as Fraud on the Court.

Dec 07, 2010
Conduct of TERRY NAFISI allegedly violated her Oath of Office, including, but not limited to: denial of access to the courts, deprivation of rights under the color of law, and/or misprision of felonies; therefore - impeachable offences.

Dec 06, 2010
Incompetence and corruption of the California justice system were well-documented. The Jewish community was vastly over-represented among attorneys and judges. It should hold itself accountable for such conditions.

Dec 06, 2010
Judge Virginia Phillips appeared in the case as "Transferee Judge" with no due Assignment Order. Her "Judgment" was never recorded in the Judgment Index of the Court, where the opposite judgment was listed - in favor of the United States.

Dec 05, 2010
Help sought in documenting the conduct of the US courts - National Tribunals for Protection of Rigfhts.

Dec 04, 2010
The request alleged that the conduct of the named judges and magistrate undermined Banking Regulation and/or Human Rights in the United States.

Dec 04, 2010
The stars: Bank of America, Brian Moynihan, SEC, Sheriffs of Los Angeles County, Marin County, California and Harris County, Texas,Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, and US Courts, California, and UN Review of Human Rights in US

Nov 29, 2010
Rabbi Lerner was asked to take a stand in efforts to repair a Human Rights disgrace of historic proportions taking place under our watch, here in California.

Nov 26, 2010
The US courts today undermine Human Rights and banking regulation, and contribute to disintegration of the frameworks of democratic government. Reform of the judiciary in the United States is also essential for addressing the current Depression.

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