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Aug 25, 2019
Seventh Sense Publishing has released Laddy Harrington & Guy Lozier's book detailing evidence of Dinosaurs and Humans showing them alive and dying together.

Aug 08, 2019
Author/Publisher Guy Lozier is prepared to give away 1,200 plus audio books to his fans in the USA and the UK...

Jul 07, 2019
First released as papers for a workshop at an ashram in Australia, now released as a book for public consumption.

Jun 30, 2019
Just released Internationally in Hard Back, on Amazon as an Ebook, and now in production as an audio book with Writer/Producer/Actress Su Castillo, host of Fear The Walking Dead After Show. One of the youngest Authors in the USA has made her debute.

Jun 10, 2019
Author/Publisher/Producer/Director Guy Lozier has been slowly building his tools working in Media. His new magazine will serve as a PR Platform to handle his needs while promoting others at the same time...It's a win/win for everyone...

May 07, 2019
Author/Director Guy Lozier takes on the role of Executive Director of Future Film Fest in Oklahoma...

Apr 24, 2019
The Neil Shelton Story "Growing Up Mayberry - Just the Facts - Leverage" by Neil Shelton and Author Guy Lozier. The story comes right out of the Twilight Zone as featured on the Fox News Network's 'The Buckley Report' by Bob Buckley...

Mar 14, 2019
According to evidence, humans have existed much longer than main stream scientists publicly support...Dinosaurs & Humans walked side by side...Humans appear to predate Dinosaurs...the evidence remains undisputed...

Sep 26, 2018
Because of the 5th Interview on the Wingmaker's site, everything about our reality shifted from the perspective of Guy Lozier...while the previous information led him there and supports that position he finds himself in now...

Sep 03, 2018
Oklahoma is the location for the move production of The Seventh Sense. Starring Steve Crawford, one of Oklahoma's most famous magicians, hypnotists, and actors. Featuring Producer Damon Blalack, Directors Guy Lozier & M. Elizabeth Dickerson .

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