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Does concrete drive you mad?
Apr 01, 2011
The Duzz team gets a call for help from a man who loves his car, but feels no love for concrete.

Duzz its bit internationally...
Feb 16, 2011
Why is it so difficult to make that step forward to becoming more eco-friendly? Are you doing your bit?

Designer Scott Rogers opens his third ‘OAK’ store - at The Galleria, Hatfield
Feb 16, 2011
GMTV’s Anna Williamson officially opens the store at 10am on Friday 18th February… ready for a half term week full of fun and fashion…

Alumaflex Newly BBA Certified
Dec 14, 2010
Alumaflex® receives the BBA stamp of approval

CONCRETE CLEANER: user-friendly, equipment-friendly, eco-friendly
Sep 22, 2010
QUICK NEWS ON DUZZ: The Foamer has arrived... The Aerosol is delayed - but all is buzzing in the world of Duzz.

Must be the Music finalists Missing Andy refuse to wear anything but their Oak Jeans
Sep 16, 2010
Brit Pop boys refuse to swap their Oak Jeans with the other leading brands offered by the Sky 1 stylists.

Oak Jeans teams up with Kissy Sell Out to design super skinny jeans, in two washes.
Sep 06, 2010
San City High jeans designed by Kissy Sell Out and Oak Jeans... read more about the fashion-music collaboration.

San City High Tour 2010
Sep 06, 2010
Find out more about the label behind the critically acclaimed BBC1 DJ Kissy Sell Out and his tour with San City High.

CONCRETE REMOVER: user-friendly, equipment-friendly, environmentally-friendly
Sep 06, 2010
Clean off Concrete... without corrosive acids; without injuring staff; without damaging metal surfaces; without damaging paint; without damaging the environment; without acid runoff water; and without damaging any surfaces!

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