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May 19, 2022
Before you go into your next marketing meeting…FIRST…take about an hour to read a booklet about some very essential, and very easy-to-use advertising math that can help all kinds of businesses make a lot more money, in good times and in bad.

May 15, 2022
You thought "Dead Men tell no tales"...Well, not anymore! Now you can plan your epitaph for a Video Tombstone. So...what kinds of things do you think we might hear from video tombstones...and will most of it be truth or lies?

May 10, 2022
Attention All Kinds of Businesses! Before you try to figure out the best way to spend another dime of your Advertising Budget..FIRST, take about an hour to read a booklet about some easy-to-use Advertising Math called "The Barrows Popularity Factor."

May 03, 2022
When you do any stories about the state of retail and "The Retail Apocalypse," here is something that might add some interesting perspective to some of those stories. It's a poem called "The Little Boutique That Lost Her Chic."

Apr 26, 2022
And...what happens if you start spending more or less on advertising? And.. which media should you increase, and by how much? And...which media can you decrease, and by how much? This Marketing Math can help you answer these kinds of questions!

Apr 08, 2022
Got $4.95? Now you can Download a booklet about some very easy-to-use Advertising Math that can help all kinds of businesses make a lot more Money! The math is called "The Barrows Popularity Factor." You can see more about it at

Mar 30, 2022
ATTN: MEDIA COMPANIES & PUBLISHING COMPANIES: Don't let another Halloween go by without doing this very special kind of Halloween Promotion. It could generate Worldwide Publicity, Worldwide Participation and Tremendous Advertising and Book Revenues!

Mar 27, 2022
Quick, your editor said "Give me 1500 words for National Poetry Month and don't write about any poetry that's so esoteric that nobody understands it. Write about poems anybody can understand and write about somebody who writes poetry for the masses!"

Mar 19, 2022
Here is some information about seven projects and promotions that could help generate tremendous new advertising revenues for newspapers very quickly! For more information, call Robert Barrows at R.M. Barrows Advertising at 650-344-4405 (9am-6pm PDT)

Mar 14, 2022
Attn: Art Galleries, Art Museums, Art Newspapers, Art Magazines, Art Publications, Art websites, and the Art Sections of mainstream Newspapers and Magazines as well... RE: THE ART BUSINESS POST COVID...

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