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Apr 24, 2016
Tired of all those nasty political ads? Well now you can vent some of your frustrations with a song and a poem called "Run For Office." The poem is included in this article. You can hear a FREE CLIP of the song version at

Apr 23, 2016
This is about a proposal for an exciting art promotion that could help generate tremendous revenues for art galleries, art museums, art publications and mainstream media as well. You can see more about the promotion at

Apr 22, 2016
Calling all Poets and Poet wannabes...This is about a poem called "It was the Final Day of National Poetry Month" by Robert Barrows. It's about a poet who meets a hotshot agent from Hollywood and she gets him some deals for Movies, Books and TV.

Apr 17, 2016
This is about a booklet about some easy-to-use advertising math that can help all kinds of businesses make a lot more money. The math is called "The Barrows Popularity Factor." You can read more about it and download it for $4.95 at

Apr 13, 2016
This is about some easy-to-use advertising math that can help you make your advertising much more effective. Businesses of all kinds can use the math to help them make a lot more money! Read all about it and start using this math immediately!

Mar 28, 2016
Call it what you will...This is about native advertising, branded content, advertorial, and the trend toward paid placement in some of the most prestigious news media. It may be good for business, but is it good for the news business?

Mar 18, 2016
This is about a great book of poems called "Crazy Robert's Poems and Potential Song Lyrics" by Robert Barrows. The poems are easy to read, easy to understand, and some of them will also make great song lyrics! You can download it on Amazon for $1.00

Mar 16, 2016
This is about some of the economic issues in the Presidential election...issues like Income Inequality, Lopsided Trade Deals and the state of Manufacturing in America. Who has the best solutions, and will the issues be the same four years from now?

Mar 05, 2016
So, you're not on the Forbes Billionaires List? (Again?) Well, there's always hope for next year, there's always hope. And to help you with your quest for the Big Bucks, enclosed is a link to a FREE CLIP of a song about money called "Big Bucks"

Feb 28, 2016
This is about 7 proposals for some projects and promotions that could help generate tremendous advertising revenues for newspapers and multimedia companies. Several of these projects and promotions could be put into action very quickly!

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