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Dec 30, 2021
The American Heart Assoc. report, Dr Malone who invented the mRNA shot, and Pfizer's former top scientist agree with FDA's posted warning, but FDA wants 55 years to release data that the shot kills. Will Supreme Court kill mandates or people?

Dec 28, 2021
Columbia Univ. joins Harvard estimate--shot kills 20 times what VAERS reports--400,000 jab deaths; MDs agree. Interstate checkpoints; unvaxxed truckers can't deliver; People blocked from food stores, Biblical end-times as Biden favors global gov.

Dec 27, 2021
Trouble came to America from Wuhan's wet market where bats, rats and cats were sold for human consumption, air pollution was huge and it was a premiere city for 5G. These factors affect natural immunity but are ignored by CDC & $hot-pushing pharma.

Dec 23, 2021
"Internal Medicine training taught me that 85% of a diagnosis is from careful questions asked of the patient. We would know more if media would ask and give shot history. Too many young people dying--DID THEY HAVE THE SHOT?" Dr Ruhling

Dec 21, 2021
"It's sad that the crisis we face from misinformation in mainstream news is more serious that the 1% fatality from Covid, mostly patients using Rx drugs. NOTHING is said of 73% less severity by a plant-based diet in British Med. Journal, says MD

Dec 17, 2021
For a year Fauci and CDC have had FDA warning of events below, but big money buys Congress and media to paint negative reports as from fringe lunatics, in spite of Bible warning that pharmakeia "deceives all nations," says Richard Ruhling, MD

Dec 13, 2021
"It is dystopian for government to give Pfizer billions, mandate Americans to take its product, prohibit Americans from suing for harms, but yet refuse to let Americans see the data." Michael Nevradakis, PhD. Data condemns their failure to warn.

Dec 06, 2021
"A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth." Tragically for humanity, there are many, many untruths emanating from Fauci and his minions. RFK Jr exposes the decades of lies." Luc Montagnier, Nobel laureate

Dec 04, 2021
"The irony of Fauci leading a global response to a pandemic that he may have created becomes starker by the day" Robt F Kennedy. Am Heart Assoc Circulation report "mRNA vaccines dramatically increase inflammation..thrombosis, cardiomyopathy" 11-18-21

Nov 30, 2021
Six issues tell a sad story on Fauci, CDC and FDA making US wonder why we are still facing a crisis over a virus that has less than 1% fatality in people who aren't taking prescriptions for other health conditions, says Richard Ruhling, retired MD.

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