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Aug 05, 2022
Since materials can define the kinetics, thermodynamics, and even the ultimate success of electron transfer, choosing the most appropriate electrode material is considered to be of paramount significance in modern organic electrochemistry research.

Jul 18, 2022
Petrochemical products are an integral part of modern societies.

Jul 08, 2022
Photodegradation may lead to undesirable changes in the properties of plastics and rubbers, such as tensile strength, color, or shape. Therefore, light stabilizers are added to extend the lifecycle and improve the appearance of polymers.

Jun 19, 2022
The past decade has seen strong growth in the global renewable energy sector. The application of more renewable energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify energy supplies.

Jun 09, 2022
As a reliable source for versatile catalysts, Alfa Chemistry Catalysts today announces that it has launched a rich of collection of asymmetric organocatalysts, including chiral amines, chiral amino acids, chiral ammonium salts, chiral bicyclic...

May 20, 2022
With broad use in the manufacture of cleaning, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food products, the significance of polymer surfactants can never be neglected.

May 13, 2022
Earlier this month, Alfa Chemistry Materials announces the offering of photochromic materials, a material characterized by its optical properties being able to change reversibly upon irradiation.

May 06, 2022
As an independent third-party testing laboratory, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab has won a fame recognized by clients worldwide for the fast and accurate delivery or testing reports.

Apr 14, 2022
Over the last year, Alfa Chemistry has launched varieties of nanomaterials such as nanoprisms and nanofoil. The high quality and fast delivery are well-recognized by the customers worldwide.

Apr 07, 2022
Earlier this year, Alfa Chemistry, a well-established chemical supplier based in New York, announced its decision to further optimize its supply of MOF chemicals, a new material that has huge potentials in fields like gas storage, separation, and...

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