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Aug 17, 2021
Graphene has been recognized as one of the most influential materials on earth since its discovery.

Aug 09, 2021
As a trust-worthy chemical supplier, Alfa Chemistry has been producing THEIC for over 25 years and has hence accumulated a wealth of experience in this field.

Jul 21, 2021
To ensure the safety and quality of materials is of paramount importance for manufacturers. Material testing has thus become increasingly popular.

Jul 07, 2021
The research, development, and production of advanced technologies has uplifted the requirements on the materials to be used. Not only properties or performance, but also purity of these materials are greatly emphasized.

Jun 24, 2021
The quality of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) will directly affect the efficacy and safety of drugs. Alfa Chemistry has been an active player in the chemical industry and is committed to supplying what consumers exactly need.

Jun 03, 2021
The past decade has witnessed an increasing demand for novel materials such as carbon nanotubes and graphenes.

May 05, 2021
For the convenience of customers, Alfa Chemistry Materials recently has sorted out seven categories of products as its main featured products, which can be easily found at the website.

Apr 24, 2021
In an effort to combine what the customers truly need and what the company provides, Alfa Chemistry recently sorted and released four types of featured products for scientists and researchers who are engaged with the tumor, coronavirus, and flu treatment.

Apr 02, 2021
The past decade has seen an impressive growth of nanotechnogy. Nanomaterials are widely used in many areas such as drug delivery, cell tracking, and regenerative medicine.

Mar 25, 2021
Mechanical testing is a necessary and essential step in the design and manufacturing process.

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