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Butch Zemar - Healthcare Reform Specialist Press releases

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Feb 21, 2014
Butch Zemar, Chicago, an insurance agent at Elite Benefits of America in Oak Lawn has been selected as a finalist for Broker of the Year award by, a leading national publication focusing on the benefits industry.

Sep 12, 2013
Insurance companies started to release the 2014 Market Impact Analysis with premium options for employers. If you do nothing, you will default to a new Obamacare compliant plan and you are stuck with it going forward, period. Unless you act now.

Aug 26, 2013
The healthcare law imposed 82 deadlines onto the Obama Administration. They missed exactly half of all the deadlines in three years. The Obama Administration has already delayed several key components of the law. Does this mean it will fail?

Aug 19, 2013
The Affordable Care Act is bringing significant changes to how American businesses and citizens access and pay for healthcare. These changes can be difficult to and understand, causing employers to have misinformation that is communicated to workers

Jul 16, 2013
Another delay in the healthcare overhaul due to a glitch in the system last week involving the healthcare law. This means smokers may get at least some relief next year from tobacco use penalties. A fix will take at least a year.

Jul 15, 2013
The Obama Administration delays the Employer Mandate of Obamacare until January 1, 2015. With only six months remaining, it is simply not enough time. This is huge for businesses in America. However, what does it mean for the future of Obamacare?

Jun 17, 2013
New rating factors for businesses, as well as individuals and families, will play a key part in planning for 2014. Some businesses will be smacked with a 50+ percent increase based on some characteristics that are at play with the new rating rules.

Apr 03, 2013
With a financial disincentive, health insurance agents are reluctant to services their business due to the loss in income. America still has a crisis out there and need help.

Apr 01, 2013
There is still a glimmering hope now that some people in Washington believe that health insurance agents have a big role for businesses and individual/families due to the healthcare law.

Mar 26, 2013
This is one of the first steps in stripping away the unpopular law signed by President Obama in March, 2010.

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