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Oct 19, 2018
An elite insurance professional was presented with the Circle of Champions for outstanding ongoing contribution and success during the 2018 Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Period from the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Aug 14, 2018
Health care expenditures have more than doubled. Small businesses are looking for ways to ease the increasing pain. Insurance agency presents to small businesses how to save money and get more out of their health plan.

Mar 13, 2018
American's are looking for lower cost alternatives when it comes to their healthcare needs. Those who do not need a huge demand for medical services to be covered have other options. Find out your alternative and save money.

Mar 06, 2018
There is still time for Congress to pick up the pieces of changing the healthcare system to help stabilize it. The fate of the Affordable Care Act is yet to be determined. In the meantime, people wait while paying extremely high premiums.

Oct 19, 2017
Last week President Trump signed an executive order on health care, to cause momentum to change with the Affordable Care Act. Taking this action increases healthcare choices for millions of Americans.

Apr 04, 2017
Employers are scrambling to find a solution, yet at a cost that could be as much as double their mortgage. This increase produces a financial strain on their family.

Oct 06, 2014
Employers have tough decisions with health care reform. What they decide to do will impact their employees in a negative or positive way. Some employers are seeing high double-digit increases with traditional group sponsored coverage.

Oct 01, 2014
The national open enrollment under the health care law is 45 days away from taking off for 2015 plans. Some people may see no change from their 2014 plans. Many more are going to see some changes like they have not seen before.

Sep 30, 2014
Open enrollment can be nerve-racking, to say the least. On top of it, tens of thousands of people will be losing their current coverage December 31, 2014. Being prepared could be all that you need heading in to it. Delaying could only cause problems.

Sep 29, 2014
A flood of cancelled policies will happen by years end. Individuals and families need to make informed decision. An Insurance agency steps in to assist in the process so they do not completely lose coverage.

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