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Occupy Main Street in the Name of What? Socialism, Maoism, Academia, Criminalism and Freedom?
Oct 10, 2011
The process of greed and material wealth started with Union leaders, teachers, hospital workers, police, bureaucrats, politicians, corporations and the shareholders for excessive desire to acquire and possess more than one needs or even deserves.

Unelected Revolutionary Transitional Puppet Councils Display Hatred against Civilized Democracy’s
Sep 11, 2011
Some malcontent radical Muslim clerics condone and encourage the masses to attack all non Muslims and the people of other faiths without fear of interference to such a barbaric foreign policy because of their previous deal with radical Muslim

Cause of America’s Debt Crisis is Not that of its Citizens, Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers.
Aug 09, 2011
It is related to a lack of leadership by this president along with his predecessors who never take responsibility or come to grips with their personal refusals to be held accountable for their decisions unmatched in the history of mankind. A SHAME.

Property Taxes for Special Interest Groups to Promote their Message are Scams at Taxpayers Expense
Jul 05, 2011
The use of taxpayer funds to subsidize special-interest groups with a certain ideological perspective are financial boondoggles for them.

Attempts by Incumbent Councillor to Bilk City and Taxpayers of $13,000 for 2010 Re-election Campaign
Mar 18, 2011
City donation, in one case, exceed $13, 200 for an incumbent councillor in the form of that councillor’s requested and receiving city reimbursements for re-election expenses contrary to city procedures, Bylaws, election rules, regulations etc.?

What is this New Egyptian Order and What Comes Next?
Feb 12, 2011
A beginning for Egypt of something good or evil, only time will tell and History has shown that democracy seldom evolves from the likes of revolutions or mob rule.

Taxpayer Funded Program Lacks Citizenship Eligibility Requirement, Peter Clarke.
Dec 12, 2010
The main eligibility requirement for people seeking to receive benefits of financial assistance and other such service is that the person live in Ontario without first having to be citizen of Canada.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas and an Exciting, Active and Healthy Holiday Season to All
Dec 04, 2010
I take this opportunity to wish Christians, Jews, Muslims, Islam’s, Hindus, Buddhists and everyone a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas and an Exciting, Active and Healthy Holiday Season.

Decision Time, Stop Reckless Spending by Incumbent Councillors or Burden our Children with Tax Debt
Oct 22, 2010
Reckless spending for unsustainable programs by 19 year career incumbent politicians have depleted reserve funds of our community and city. Policies of spend, new taxes, borrowing and to burden our future generation with a tax debt must end in 2010.

Reckless Spending by Toronto's Left Leaning Incumbent Councillors Caused Fiscal Crisis, Peter CLARKE
Oct 15, 2010
Incumbents have INCREASED SPENDING by 60%, while INFLATION increased ONLY 23%. An outrageous increase of 260% over inflation. In Ward 23 the Incumbent career politician voted for $188 Million for questionable and unnecessary expenses in 2010.

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