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Fiscal Policies Political Expedience Have Corrupted City Hall & Damaged Toronto’s Solvency, CLARKE
Aug 17, 2010
Rob Ford's corruption allegations and Smitherman’s position that the city’s “process was a sham" the Provinces Attorney General or the RCMP along with the media and others should finally demand a forensic audit and investigation of trust breach

CLARKE is in Favor of 8 Member Board of Control and 22 Member Council From 44 for Toronto.
Aug 15, 2010
A 22 member smaller council encompassing the 22 Provincial boundary riding's for Toronto and be in place for the 2014 municipal election would be more productive, functional and manageable than the 44 existing council members of the past 12 years.

Fiscal Crisis Caused by Toronto's Incumbent Councillors Chronic Spending Habits, Peter Clarke
Aug 07, 2010
In the last ten years alone establishment incumbent councillors have INCREASED SPENDING by 60%, yet at the same time INFLATION increased ONLY 23%, which is an outrageous increase of 260% over the cost of inflation for the same time frame.

Peter CLARKE in Front of Incumbent by Outlining Detailed Campaign Mission Platform for Voters
Aug 02, 2010
Unlike his incumbent opponent of 23 years CLARKE has a detailed campaign mission platform that saves close to $300 Hundred Thousand Dollars. Incumbents could NOT deliver spending cuts in 25 years and will NOT in another 4 years of failure.

Peter CLARKE Proposes Term Limit of 8 Years for Toronto Councillors and Mayor
Jul 31, 2010
"such term limits would facilitate the refreshing of the makeup of council system and produce fresh ideas and hopefully would help promote wider participation. What one cannot do as councillor in eight years one will not achieve in ten to 25 years”

Legally Challenge Ontario’s Transfer of Responsibilities without Corresponding Revenues, CLARKE
Jul 07, 2010
Illegal accounting attempt at usurping responsibilities under confederation and constitutional agreement between federal, provincial governments to cut deficits onto the backs of property owners and discriminate against a specific group of citizens.

Happy Canada Day and July 4th Celebrations to all Canadians and Americans this Holiday Weekend.
Jul 02, 2010
Peter CLARKE a candidate in North York ward 23 for metro Toronto council this October 25, 2010, wishes everyone a peaceful, safe, healthy and active Canada Day weekend and July 4th celebrations to Torontonians, Canadians and American Neighbors.

Premeditated lawlessness Masked Malcontent Supported by Union Leaders Leave Black Stain on Toronto
Jun 28, 2010
Toronto the city of good became a haven for lawlessness by masked malcontent anarchists supported by union leaders, cyclists and aided, abetted and housed by University student union with no regard for the laws of humanity or the city

Militant, Malcontents, Anarchists and Civic Terrorists Have No Place in Our Toronto.
Jun 27, 2010
All damages caused by masked uncivilized groups of malcontents, anarchists, and civic terrorists must be held liable, accountable and responsible for their lawlessness rampage in Toronto. Their rights of citizenship must be withheld and reviewed

North York and Across Toronto, Province and Canada Join the Campaign to TAKE BACK Council on Oct 25
Jun 26, 2010
Residents across Toronto the Province and Canada asked to join campaign of Christians, Jews, Islam’s, Hindus, Buddhists and believers to educate themselves on where each candidate stands on critical issues, before they go vote on October 25, 2010.

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