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Toronto’s Substance Abuse Problems Require Testing Policy for Councillors Police EMS Fire and TTC
May 13, 2010
The time has come for a city wide policy of random substance abuse testing for Councillors along with all employees including Police, Fire, EMS and TTC.The use of alcohol illegal drugs and medications have serious adverse impacts in any workplace.

Toronto Studies Cheaper Crosswalks While Proposing NO Competitive Tendering Contract for Friends
May 11, 2010
Toronto with a serious fiscal problem considers allowing sweet heart deals that cost the taxpayers $1 Million $600 hundred thousand dollars. Toronto beaches are for the people NOT for exclusive business use of anyone corporation or individual.

Clarke Seeks Support from Toronto’s 50 MPPs and MPs for Percentage of Gas Taxes for Public Transit
May 10, 2010
Clarke is seeking the support from Toronto’s current sitting members from all parties in the provincial and federal government to make a lasting commitment to Toronto’s 3 plus Million citizens for public transit financing.

CLARKE with the Common Sense of the People and $283 Million in Savings & Funding for Public Transit
May 08, 2010
provincial and federal government allocated $13 BILLION of taxpayers’ money bailing out -Chrysler-GM to save some 18,000 jobs in 2009 .Assisting 3 MILLION job earners in Toronto should be a no brain-er for politicians from all political parties

Toronto Gay Mayoralty Candidate Attempts Character Assassination against Rival as Campaign Platform
May 06, 2010
Ford opposed $1 million in aids grants yet his rival had the greatest responsibility of anyone to implement appropriate measures to get SSHA off the ground allowed no planning and wasted MILLIONS of taxpayer’s DOLLARS under his steward ship.

Peter CLARKE Has Proposed $283 Million Dollars in Savings Plus Solution for Toronto’s TTC Funding
May 04, 2010
Peter perhaps has also found one solution which would take a majority of the tax burden off the backs of renters, condo owners, homeowners and businesses when it comes to funding for the TTC in addition to his proposes savings of over $283 MILLION.

Politicians Question Their Meaning of Transparency and Openness by Hiding Half Billion Dollars
May 02, 2010
Supreme Court in Canada also drags its feet and does little while career politicians supported by their respective parties, special interest groups and lobbyists hide over half a billion dollars of their expenses from the taxpayers and media.

Another Issue facing Voters is the Lack of Platforms by Incumbent Councillors Seeking Reelection
May 01, 2010
Aside from chronic spending disease illustrated by incumbent councillors their lack of campaign platforms as incumbent councillors seeking reelection based on their past chronic spending habits says it all about their failed fiscal policies.

Toronto Has an Astronomical Debt Because of Mayor & Incumbent Councillors Chronic Spending Habits
Apr 30, 2010
Outgoing Mayors administration of left leaning ideologies supported by incumbent councillors chronic uncontrollable appetite of outrageous spending habits and disregard for prudence with regard to taxpayers money has nearly bankrupt this city.

Has A Toronto with Heart Become a B City of Crime Thugs and Punks?
Apr 28, 2010
Cops are always telling citizens not to get involved yet now criticize them for doing what they suggested we should not attempt to do at any time. What gives?

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